iPhone App BART Now


See exactly what is being shown right NOW on the platform displays at the BART station nearest you or the station of your choice.


This app helps you decide:

-Do I have time to stay in the car on cold day a few more minutes?

-Should we walk or run from the Symphony/Opera to Civic Center station to catch the next train?

-Do I have time to grab something before heading home?

-I'm right in between 2 stations; which one should I head for?

-Is it better to wait a few minutes for a longer train?


This app is for the experienced BART commuter who needs advance information about the trains headed toward the nearest station.

This app does NOT:

-display schedules to plan future trips (tomorrow, next week, etc)

-provide directions to stations

-provide station layout maps

Lots of other BART apps do a fine job for those needs.  If that is what you need, get one of them!


You can tailor the behavior of this app by going to Settings/BART Now to control the number of trains shown for each platform and set the default station for the Station List screen.



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